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French Press Coffee

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French press coffee is perfect because it forces you to slow down and enjoy the process. That is why I love the experience of brewing with this traditional style, and you will too!

Sometimes brewing coffee can feel like a chore; between the wasteful pods and the bland drip brews, you might just lose your excitement for this delicious drink. That is where French press coffee saves the day!

This awesome brewing method makes crafting a flavorful and perfectly portioned cup easier than ever! Come with me to learn the basics of brewing delicious French press coffee!

Why French Press?

There are so many delectable ways to brew coffee, but the French press stands out. This awesome machine brews a delicious batch of one to eight cups in a matter of minutes without wasting paper filters or pods. Plus, French presses are stylish and low maintenance!

Brewing this way offers the drinker all the benefits of artisanal brewing without complicated steps or equipment. It’s the perfect method for a relaxing afternoon cup or a weekend morning brew!

Ingredients and Gear you need

You'll need a French press, filtered water, coffee beans, scale, kettle and a coffee grinder for making the perfect French press coffee.a


Coffee Beans: The beauty of small-batch brewing methods, like French press, is that they allow you to sample new types of coffee without making a full twelve-cup pot. That means you can select any type of beans for this artisan brew, but you must make sure they’re ground correctly.

French press requires a very coarse grind size because the beans will steep for longer than other methods. Coarsely ground beans slowly release delicious coffee flavor across the longer brewing cycle. Purchase or home grind your coffee beans to a coarse size about the size of flaky sea salt.

Water: Filtered water is the best choice for coffee brewing. You can use a home filter or purchase bottled water to deliver the most pure taste to your cup.


French Press: I love all types of French presses. They are so classically attractive that they look great in any kitchen, but if you want to find the right press for your needs, consider the size. French presses range in size from one cup up to ten cups or more, so select a press that suits the number of cups you typically drink.

Kitchen Scale: A kitchen scale helps you weigh the correct portion of beans for your brew. Specialized barista scales are ideal because they weigh the grounds to a fraction of a measure, but a standard kitchen scale that reads in grams will do the job!

Spoon: A teaspoon is more than enough.

Serving Glass or Mug

Water Filter: A water filter is optional, but filtered water can make or break your coffee. Filtered water causes less wear and tear on your equipment and makes for a better-tasting cup. To filter water easily and inexpensively, try this basic filtering pitcher.

Gooseneck Kettle: Baristas love this type of kettle because it offers more control; however, if you do not have one, just use your normal tea kettle.

Coffee Grinder

Step-by-step French Press Coffee

Weigh the coffee on a barista scale.
Measure the coffee.
Rinse the French press with hot water to preheat it.
Rinse the French press.
Pour the ground coffee into the preheated French press.
Add the ground coffee.
Pour hot water into the French press filled with coffee.
Start the timer and add the hot water.
Allow the French press coffee to infuse for 4 minutes.
Infuse for four minutes.
Break the coffee crust after 4 minutes. Do not stir!
Break the coffee crust.
Allow the French press coffee to infuse for up to 8 minutes with the plunger in place.
Place the plunger and infuse for up to eight minutes.
Pour slowly into the glass.
Pour in slowly.
Gorgous glass filled with French press coffee placed on wooden coaster. In the back an empty French press coffee maker.

How To Make French Press Coffee From Scratch

  • Step One: Heat the water to 200°F/93°C.
  • Step Two: Weigh the coffee and grind it for French press.
  • Step Three: Rinse the French press with hot water.
  • Step Four: Place the French press on the scale, add the coffee, and tare the scale.
  • Step Five: Start the timer and add the hot water.
  • Step Six: Brew for 4 minutes, then break the top crust but do not stir.
  • Step Seven: Place the plunger on top, resting above the crust. Do not press.
  • Step Eight: Brew for 8 minutes.
  • Step Nine: Press the plunger and slowly pour the coffee.

Barista Tips

  • Great coffee starts with great equipment. That does not mean you need expensive things to make good coffee, but with proper maintenance, everyone’s homebrew can taste barista-made! That principle extends to the water, too! Using filtered water protects your equipment from build-up and produces a better coffee flavor!
  • French press coffee is an experience, and it’s all about slowing down! Do not drink the coffee right away; allow the coffee to cool a moment after pouring it. This helps you avoid painful burns and taste your cup’s true flavor!
  • If you don’t have an electric gooseneck kettle, try this easy trick: bring the water to a boil and pour it into another pot or kettle. Transferring the water will cool it down quickly.
French press coffee maker filled with coffee on a wooden coaster.

Frequently Asked Questions About French Press Coffee

What Is The Ratio For French Press Coffee?

Brewing coffee is all about the ratio of beans to water. For French press coffee, the coffee-to-water ratio is 1 part coffee to 15 parts water. So, it’s 15 grams of coffee to 225 grams of water in our particular recipe.

Can I Make Decaf This Way?

Yes! Use any beans you like. Just follow these easy steps!

Does The French Press Have Other Uses?

Yes! A French press can be used to brew hot coffee or tea, cold brew, and even used to froth milk for lattes! It’s the ideal multi-use coffee bar tool!

How long is the brew time for a French Press Coffee?

The brew time of a French press coffee is 8 minutes. 

What water temperature should I use for brewing?

Ideally, the temperature of the water should be 93°C (200 °F).

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Gorgous glass filled with French press coffee placed on wooden coaster. In the back an empty French press coffee maker.

French Press Coffee Brew Ratio 1:15

A simple French press coffee recipe, using a brew ratio of 1:15. All you need is good coffee, filtered water, and a French press and you are good to go!
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Course: Coffee, French press coffee, Hot beverage
Cuisine: Global cuisine
Keyword: french press, french press coffee, french press coffee ratio
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 1 Serving



  • 7.93 oz Water filtered
  • 0.53 oz Coffee beans


  • Heat 7.93 oz Water (225g) to 93°C (200 °F). If you don't have an electric gooseneck kettle, there is a simple trick: bring the water to the boil and pour it into another pot (preferably a tiny gooseneck kettle). Transferring the water will cool it down to the right temperature.
    7.93 oz Water
  • Weigh 0.53 oz Coffee beans (15 g).
    0.53 oz Coffee beans
  • And grind with a medium grind. Optionally, use already-ground coffee.
  • Rinse the French press with hot water. This will bring your French press to the right temperature and prevent the coffee from cooling down too quickly.
  • Place the French Press on the scale, pour in the coffee, and then tare the scale.
  • Start the timer and brew quickly by adding 7.93 oz / 225 g hot water.
  • Leave to stand for 4 minutes, and then break the crust that forms. Do not stir; just carefully press the top layer of foam (crust) into the coffee with a spoon.
  • Place the plunger on top (do not press through) and stop just before the crust.
  • Leave to infuse for up to 8 minutes.
  • Then press the plunger down to just above the coffee and slowly pour out the coffee.


Serving: 1Serving | Sodium: 11mg | Calcium: 7mg
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Food Safety

  • Don’t leave food sitting out at room temperature for extended periods
  • Never leave cooking food and beverages unattended
  • Always have good ventilation when using a gas stove

See more guidelines at USDA.gov.

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