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What to Put in a Coffee Gift Basket

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Do you love someone who loves coffee so much that they might just put it above you? Don’t take it too personally, but rather show them that you can speak their love language with a thoughtfully crafted coffee gift basket! Gourmet coffee gift baskets are also an amazing idea for the holiday season!

Want to create a coffee gift basket that will wow your recipient? Look no further! Discover the essential items to include in a coffee lover's dream gift.

How to Build a Better Basket

A great gift basket comes from the heart, so building the perfect coffee-inspired gift is all about sharing a few of your personal cafe favorites with style. Some basics will make your heartfelt gift shine brighter. Follow these tips to help you assemble the best coffee basket around!

  • Start with the Basket – Building a better basket begins with the basket itself! Choose a real wicker or woven basket, or go less traditional with a rustic metal basket or useful kitchen storage bin.
  • Choose a Theme – Theming can make shopping so simple! Whether your basket motif is coffee-infused foods or home bar essentials, having a general theme can help you whittle down the choices to make one really nice gift.
  • Have Fun – A great gift is about sharing, so try to enjoy the process! Consider ordering doubles of some items so you can try the basket offerings yourself or include a few tried and true coffee favorites. That way you’re sharing a little of yourself with your truly special gift.

Coffee Gift Basket Ideas

Coffee is one of the most popular flavors in the world, so today it can be found in so many places outside of the cup! This guide breaks it down into categories to help you find a nice mix of boldly inspired coffee gifts for your perfect basket! 

Coffee-Centric Food Gifts

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

If you have not yet tried chocolate-covered espresso beans, let this be your sign! They are chocolatey, and sweet, and have a mild coffee crunch that everyone adores! That is why including chocolate-covered espresso beans in your basket is a no-brainer!

These Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans are an excellent choice because they fuse coffee with three varieties of delicious chocolate, dark, milk, and white. It’s the perfect medley for everyone, and its mild caffeine content means that even people who do not drink much coffee can enjoy these sweet treats!

French Vanilla Flavor Syrup

Adding a little flavor to your favorite brew can be so much fun, so why not share your favorite tastes with someone special!? Include a bottle of your favorite flavor syrup in your gift basket to bowl your recipient over with easy-to-use coffee flavors!

There are millions of flavor syrups available online and in stores today, so the options might seem too vast, but don’t panic! For a gift basket, choose a common crowd-pleasing flavor like French Vanilla or Hazelnut. Torani is an excellent brand of flavor syrups available in stores, cafes, and online. They have a wide range of options, including sugar-free, but when in doubt, go with classic vanilla!

Brew Tools Gifts

Bean Storage

If you want a show-stopping alternative to the traditional basket portion of the gift basket, why not use something functional, like bean storage containers!?

This stylish two-compartment coffee bean storage system allows your favorite coffee fanatic to store their beans and teas in style. Plus, you can stuff the containers with smaller coffee-themed gifts for a lovely wrapping-free gift!

French Press

No home bar is complete without a French Press, so it’s a great centerpiece for a coffee gift basket. This wonderful brewing tool is the ideal size for just a cup or two so pairing a French press with a few great bean choices makes for the perfect gift!

There are so many wonderfully stylish and functional French presses available; one particular brewing brand that stands out is Bodom. They make a wonderfully economical, heat-resistant, and stylish press that will look great in any basket!

Portable Coffee Grinder

A great basket has a little bit of everything, so you might not be able to include full-sized brewing equipment, but some small alternatives can fit right in. Compact and portable brewing options are great for gift baskets due to their size.

This amazing portable grinder is the perfect size and style to include in a gift. Its affordable price point and amazing range of grind sizes make it a lovely gift for any coffee enthusiast!

Pour Over Filter

Pour-over brewing is a great way to make coffee at home and the compact size of some pour-over systems makes this brewer a great choice for a gift basket!

Hario is a trusted name in coffee equipment and they make a wonderful pour-over system that can sit on top of any mug. Woo your special coffee friend with a basket built around this brewer. Include a few varieties of beans and some pour-over filters for a lovely and on-theme gift!

Coffee Bean Gifts

Variety of Beans

What better way to give the gift of coffee than with actual coffee beans!? Treat that special someone to a delicious flavor journey with a thoughtful variety of coffee beans! To give your recipient the most delicious options possible, pick a variety of beans, like this tasty mixed pack of whole beans.

Whether you choose this variety or another, having a few tasty choices of smooth coffee beans is the ideal way to tie the whole basket together!

Instant Coffee

If your gift recipient is always on the go then try filling the basket with convenient instant coffee! Instant coffee has come a long way in terms of flavor and can be a great way to sample a brand without any extra equipment.

Try the Deathwish Instant Coffee for your special gift. It has a smooth yet bold flavor that delivers a nice caffeinated punch!

Just for Fun Coffee Gifts

Espresso Candle

There is something so enchanting about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, but it doesn’t last forever. Change that with this exceptional candle! It has an amazing espresso smell that will make your whole home smell like your favorite cafe!

Matching Mugs

You cannot enjoy all the bounty of the perfect coffee gift basket without mugs, so be sure to include one or two stylish cups in your heartfelt gift.

I wish you a lot of fun putting together your special Coffee Gift Basket! Tell me how it went in the comment section below! Or tag me @coffeewithnora and hashtag #coffeewithnora_recipes, so I don’t miss your gift basket creation!

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