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Gifts for Cold Brew Coffee Lovers

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Everyone knows at least one cold brew-loving friend or family member. Blow them away this holiday season with these unforgettable gifts and coffee accessories for cold brew coffee lovers!

Gifts for cold brew coffee lovers

If you’re struggling to find something special for your favorite coffee lover, then you’re in luck! This amazing buying guide is loaded with ideas for every cold brew drinker.

From brewing basics to professional brewing gifts and a few funky presents for your favorite coffee drinker, this list has it all! So grab your wallet and get ready to be everyone’s favorite gifter this year with this freshly brewed cold brew coffee lover’s gift guide!

Cold Brew Coffee Starter Gifts

Bodom Bean Cold Brew Press

Bodom is a highly reliable name in coffee parts and supplies, so it is only natural that their Cold Brew Press should kick off this gift list! It is an affordable option for one person looking to brew cold brew without stress or messy clean-up!

This cold brew maker has a stylish flair that fits into any kitchen design and it comes with two convenient lids for brewing and pouring. It’s the perfect simple and environmentally friendly way to make cold brew at home!

Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Turn any container into a cold brew maker with these awesome cold brew bags! They are designed to hold your perfectly ground beans in the water so you can brew in anything. Plus, you don’t have to worry about straining the finished brew because the bag holds all the ground inside!

They are a great choice for anyone who only brews once in a while. They don’t take up much space, but they’re ready whenever the craving for smooth and delicious cold brew strikes!

Masontops Cold Brew Maker Kit

If you know someone who uses cold brew to fuel their can’t-stop lifestyle, then this is the gift for them! The Masontops coffee maker is designed to fit on top of a custom mason jar, so you can set up your cold brew and take it on the go!

The Masontops brewer is a simple system that includes a coffee diffuser and a stylish cup. It is a fan-favorite cold brew maker with multiple colorful choices and it comes with a handy brewing ratio guide. It is the perfect present for a cold brew enthusiast on the run!

Advanced Cold Brew Coffee Gifts

OXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder

If you love all sorts of homemade cafe creations, it may be time to invest in a great coffee grinder. A coffee grinder will allow you to grind fresh coffee beans for any brewing style, including homemade cold brew!

There is no better style of coffee grinder than a Burr grinder, and the OXO Brew grinder is a champ! Burr grinders neatly grind the beans without mashing them, resulting in a more consistent high-quality grind.

The OXO Conical Burr Grinder has a sleek appearance and brand reliability that make it a top choice of grinders. This grinder is an affordable gifting option, and it will deliver high performance over a long time.

Jillmo Cold Brew Maker

If your favorite coffee drinker has graduated from casual cold brew drinker to full-blown caffeine enthusiast territory, they will love this brewer! The Jillmo Cold Brew Maker is designed to brew, hold, and pour a big batch of cold brew!

This three-quarter-gallon brewer is equipped with a mesh strainer and spigot so you can do it all without making too many dishes. Its larger size makes it a great gift for coffee-loving couples.

Taylor Digital Timer

One thing that you might take for granted when you think about brewing is the timing, but time is everything! That’s why this inexpensive and versatile Taylor Digital Timer is a great gift. Home baristas can start their brew and this timer together so they never lose track of how long the cold brew has been steeping.

A digital timer makes a lovely stocking stuffer or just-because gift for that special cold brew drinker in your life!

Just Because Gifts for Cold Brew Lovers

Iron Flask Classic Tumbler

True cold brew die-hards always have their favorite coffee close at hand and this amazing Iron Flask Tumbler allows them to do so with utility and style!

The Iron Flask is an insulated tumbler that works for both hot and cold beverages.

It comes with two styles of lid, one for sipping and one for straws, so you can really use this cup your way!

The best part of this handy gift is that it comes in so many fun and vibrant colors. There is sure to be a style that suits that special someone!

Hamilton Beach Portable Blender

Some cold brew lovers are addicted to foam, and there is this fun gift for them! The Hamilton Beach Portable Blender is a petite blender capable of whipping up cold foams in a flash!

This tiny wonder is small enough to prevent waste when your favorite coffee head wants cold foam, but it is still powerful enough to whip things into shape!

It is small and has discrete cord storage, making it the perfect space-saving blender for home baristas without much room!

Possibly the best thing about this little blender is the wide range of color options. It comes in every shade from white to pink so your favorite barista can whip up magic in a blender that matches their space!

Reusable Cold Brew Straws

Everyone wants to do their part for the environment, so why not start with our cups!? Give the gift of smooth sips with these fun and flexible straws. They are just right for cold brew drinkers who don’t want to stain their teeth. These Softy straws also offer your cold brew bestie a little flair with their fun colors and bendy design!

Cold Brew T-Shirt

If you want your coffee-crazed friend to be as loud and proud about their love as possible, give them this fun t-shirt. It proudly proclaims what’s in their cup, so there is no mistaking what they’re all about!

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