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Honey Latte Recipe

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Want a latte that buzzes with blissfully delicious flavors!? Try this fresh and easy Honey Latte Recipe and meet your new favorite way to get your caffeine buzz!

This light and sweet Honey Latte is the fresh sip you have been looking for! The lush flavor is just one thing you’ll love about this recipe; here are a few other highlights of this homemade coffee creation:

  • Sweet Balance -The kiss of honey makes the coffee sweet and smooth and because you’re making it yourself you control the amount in your drink so it’s always just right!
  • Barista Quality Made Easy – This recipe allows you to confidently craft the perfect latte at home so you can save your money and learn an awesome new skill!
  • Customizable Coffee – Not only is this coffee the perfect treat for yourself but it’s yours to personalize! You control the milk, the espresso blend, and the amount of honey so your drink is always exactly to your liking!
  • Fast and Flavorful – If you’re tired of the long morning lines at the local coffee house then you’ll love this recipe! You can hit the snooze on your alarm and still make it on time because this delicious latte comes together in just a few minutes!

All of this adds up to the perfect warm latte for any occasion! From an afternoon pick-me-up to a morning boost, this delicious Honey Latte recipe has a sweet homemade flavor you won’t want to resist!

Video Tutorial

Ingredients you need

Three ingredients are required for making a delicious honey latte.

Milk – Whole milk is the perfect choice for lattes because it steams nicely and has the right texture for making latte art. However, you can use your favorite type of milk for this recipe, including alternative milk and lactose-free milk.

Honey – To bring a sweet note to this harmonious latte, use your favorite style and brand of honey. Try local honey from a farmer or market near you to taste a bit of the fantastic natural flavors around you in your perfect brew. Plus, local honey is a great way to support local pollinators and farmers.

Espresso – Bold, smooth, and complex espresso is the base of this easy recipe. Please choose your favorite espresso blend and use your coffee grinder to grind it to the fine or espresso setting. You can also drop by your favorite cafe and grab a bag of their espresso. Just remember, if you don’t have a home grinder, ask the barista to grind it before you go!

Honey Latte Step-by-Step

Add honey to the warm milk.
Combine honey and warm milk.
Top up the espresso with honey milk.
Top up the espresso with honey milk.
The finishing touch makes the frothed honey milk.
The finishing touch makes the frothed honey milk.

How To Make Honey Latte From Scratch

Prepare the Milk – Use your microwave or stovetop to heat the milk to the perfect latte temperature, between 131°F and 149°F. This will make foaming or frothing the milk easy (if you choose to do so).

Brew the Espresso – Use a countertop espresso machine, stovetop espresso maker, or French press to make the perfect espresso shots for your latte and then it’s time to sweeten the deal by adding honey!

Foam and Finish – Optionally, froth the milk using your favorite at-home method, steam wand, French press, or milk frother.

Serve and Sip – Finish this beautiful beverage with a cocoa dusting, sit back, and enjoy your perfectly smooth Honey Latte!

Important Barista Tips

  • The ideal milk temperature for frothing is 131 °F – 149 °F (55 °C – 65 °C).
  • Mixing warm milk and honey in advance gives an excellent union of the two, which provides the best taste experience and prevents the honey from settling in the glass.
  • When using milk alternatives, a “barista” version is recommended. This usually contains sunflower oil or similar. This slightly higher fat content compared to non-barista variants resembles whole milk and is much easier to froth and use for latte art.
  • Filtered water does not calcify the coffee equipment, giving the coffee a much better taste.


  • AeroPress – If you are passionate about making coffee at home, then you need an easy way to make espresso in a jiffy. That is where an AeroPress comes in handy! This awesomely portable coffee maker allows budding baristas everywhere to have perfect espresso with ease! All you need is an AeroPress, espresso, and hot water, and then you can build this latte and so many other cafe favorites in the comfort of your own home!
  • Milk Thermometer – A simple clip-on thermometer is a must-have for any home cafe! This tool gives you insight into the real-time temperature of your milk so you never over or underheat again! Alternatively, if you have a countertop espresso machine, you can invest in pitchers with built-in thermometers for easy steaming and fewer dishes.
  • French Press – This coffee tool is a home barista must-have for many reasons. Not only can you brew coffee and tea in a French press but the plunger can be used to froth milk for lattes!
  • Milk Frother – Although a milk frother is optional, it is a wonderful portable way to produce milk foam quickly. One great thing about a milk frother is that it is compact enough for the kitchen drawer and an affordable starter tool for coffee enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honey Latte

Can I Use Raw Honey in This Latte?

Yes! You can absolutely use raw honey in this recipe. Raw honey is a pure form of honey straight off the honeycomb. It is more cloudy and thick in appearance than commercial honey because it has not been processed.
This lack of processing can be a benefit over commercial honey because some commercial varieties are cut with other ingredients like corn syrup. So if you want the most authentic and natural honey flavor in your delicious latte, opt for local raw honey.

Is This Latte Keto-Friendly?

Yes and no. Honey is a sweetener that’s very high in sugar and carbs so too much honey will spoil a keto diet; however, if you don’t like a lot of sweetness, adding a small amount of honey is technically acceptable for keto eaters. In general, if you limit your honey consumption to less than two tablespoons a day and balance your other carbohydrates, you can enjoy this drink and stay keto.

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A gorgeous glass of delicious honey latte on dark wooden ground.

Honey Latte Recipe

Looking for a new way to enjoy your morning caffeine fix? Try making a honey latte with this recipe that’s both affordable and easy to make. Get ready for a new favorite drink!
5 from 32 votes
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Course: Drinks, Hot beverage
Cuisine: Global cuisine
Keyword: coffee latte, coffee with honey, Honey latte, milk coffee
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 Serving
Calories: 189kcal
Author: Nora


  • Saucepan or Microwave-safe jug
  • Coffee maker of your choice
  • Serving glass


  • 1 cup Whole milk or plant-based milk
  • 2 Tsp Honey
  • 1 Espresso


  • Heat 1 cup Whole milk in a saucepan or even in the microwave.
    1 cup Whole milk
  • Then add 2 Tsp Honey and mix well.
    2 Tsp Honey
  • Separately, brew 1 Espresso in a serving glass or use an Aeropress, French press or filter coffee.
    1 Espresso
  • Then pour in the honey milk.
  • Optionally, you can froth some of the honey milk with the milk frother and use it as a topping.


Serving: 1Serving | Calories: 189kcal | Carbohydrates: 23g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 8g | Saturated Fat: 5g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 29mg | Sodium: 93mg | Potassium: 374mg | Fiber: 0.03g | Sugar: 23g | Vitamin A: 395IU | Vitamin C: 0.1mg | Calcium: 301mg | Iron: 0.1mg
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Food Safety

  • Don’t leave food sitting out at room temperature for extended periods
  • Never leave cooking food and beverages unattended
  • Always have good ventilation when using a gas stove

See more guidelines at USDA.gov.

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