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Home Coffee Equipment | Barista Basics & More

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There is nothing like the perfect homemade coffee, and with the right equipment, anyone can have cafe-level drinks at home. Take a look at these barista basics to help you start setting up your dream cafe at home.

A variety of wonderful coffee brewing equipment.

Different Types of Coffee Brewers

Traditional Coffee Brewers

This covers a wide range of familiar brewers. Countertop drip brewers make up the largest portion of this group. Drip coffee makers are designed to use hot water to steep medium-ground coffee fairly quickly. Drip brewers are excellent for big batches of coffee, families, and ease-enthusiasts.

Another great brewing option is a single-serve brewer, like a Nespresso, These are made to make just enough for one, but they do create a lot of waste.

Stovetop Espresso Maker

A stovetop espresso is made up of a metal kettle-like pot designed to infuse steam into the coffee ground to extract the delicious coffee flavor. Some know this brewer by the name Moka Pot because this iconic brewer was born in the city of Mocha. This brewer is ideal for stovetop espresso and single-serve coffees.

French Presses

French press filled with cold water and ground coffee next to a bowl of coffee beans - an easy way to make cold brew coffee!

French presses consist of a glass cylinder with a plunging lid. It uses coarsely ground coffee and a long steeping time to make a robust cup of coffee. Fresh presses have a mesh strainer and plunger that makes them a great multipurpose tool. You can use a French press to make everything from coffee to tea to milk foam.

Manual Coffee Brewers

A manual coffee brewer has a metal filter and just enough capacity for a single serving. This petite brewing method uses hot water and fine grounds to steep a tasty cup of joe! A manual coffee brewer makes just enough for one person and can also be used to brew tea.

Pour Over Drippers

Pour-over is a beloved brewing method among baristas because there is a lot of finesse involved in this technique. A pour-over dripper is shaped like a cone, some sit atop a cup while others have an attached pitcher for collecting the coffee as it drips. Pour-over drippers require coarse coffee grounds, hot water, and a very steady hand because the pour-over method is all about slowly and evenly moistening the grounds.

Cold Brew Makers

Cold brew is a delectably smooth cold coffee option but brewing it has its own challenges. A cold brew maker is designed to allow the coarse coffee grounds to steep and when it’s time to pour, these helpful brewers will filter out the excess grounds.

Aeropress Coffee Maker & Espresso Maker

The Aeropress is an awesome personal coffee maker that can do regular coffee and espresso. It resembles a small tube that sits on top of your cup and it uses pressure to produce a delicious brew. It’s ideal for individuals and traveling coffee lovers.

Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Gorgous V60 decanter, placed on coffee scale.

Some believe the Hario V60 has perfected pour-over coffee. What sets it apart from others are the distinctive ridges inside the brewer. This aerates the coffee while it brews leaving you with nothing but a sippably smooth cup of coffee.

Automated Coffee Brewers

Automated coffee makers have all the bells and whistles. These countertop devices are designed to do it all so all you have to do to make your coffee is push a button. Automated brewers make the selected program by measuring, grinding, and brewing the beans all in one machine. Automated coffee programs include everything from traditional drop coffee to espresso. This is a very easy and inclusive way to make cafe favorites at home; however, it is also one of the most expensive brewers.

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Coffee Grinder

The thing about coffee is that it’s better when it’s fresh and that doesn’t just apply to brew. Coffee beans are subject to spoilage so many coffee aficionados like to buy whole beans and grind them as needed.

Electric Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Grinder White

from: Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc.

Electric coffee grinders are fast and effective. This style of grinder tends to be larger than its manual counterpart and can manage many grind sizes. Burr-style grinders are the gold standard of grind because they perfectly chop the beans without crushing and always deliver an even consistency.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Comandante coffee grinder - my favorite coffee grinder.

Comandante Grinder in American Cherry

from: Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc.

A manual coffee grinder relies on a crank and a little manual labor to grind your coffee beans. This option is perfect for individuals yet it takes a little practice to nail the perfect number of cranks for every brewing style you use.

Coffee Making Tools

Milk Frother

A milk frother is a handheld, battery-operated whisk. It is specially shaped so that you can quickly and easily produce creamy, thick milk foam for lattes and more.

Coffee Scale

Acaia Pearl Scale Pitch Black

from: Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc.

A scale might not seem essential for coffee brewing, but proper ratios start with precise measurements and a scale can deliver that. A coffee scale is a type of kitchen scale that will help you weigh out both the grounds and water needed to brew great coffee.

Water Filter

Water is sometimes overlooked when it comes to coffee essentials, but water is everything! If you don’t have good water you will taste it in every sip and your equipment will wear down more rapidly. That is why a water filter system is a must-have for truly delicious coffee. You can use a filtering pitcher, sink filter, or fridge filter to get the crystal-clear water every barista wants!


Revolution True Tamp 58mm

from: Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc.

This handheld tool is made up of a handle and a flat metal surface. Baristas hold the handle and expertly exert just enough pressure to press dry espresso ground into pucks through which water can be pulled into the perfect shot.

Knock Box

This is simply a refuse bin for used espresso pucks. A typical knock box is a metal box with a padded column dividing the top of its opening. This design allows you to comfortably tap the espresso out of the handle after brewing. 

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Other Essentials

Coffee Filters

This essential is easy to overlook, but filters are a must-have! There are two main kinds of filters: paper and mesh. Paper filters are the standard but mesh filters are nice because you can use them over and over again and they do not add any flavor to the brew.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle can be game-changing for home baristas! Not only can this tool help you cut your energy costs, but electric kettles have more precise temperature control for specific brewing needs.

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Food Safety

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